Sekarang Untuk 50 Tahun Mendatang

Written by Maria Natassija Sariati

In 50 years, when I reach the age of 71, I want to look back and thank myself for everything I have been through and not given up on. I mean, it’s always the easiest to give up when hard situations swing by, but I didn’t! It’s pretty cool when I rethink about it. However I’m pretty sure that I don’t want to relive it, haha.

In 50 years, I really hope the Earth is still turning. I hope it still sustains every living creature and still being lived on as well as being maintained lovingly by the humans. However until this time, the majority of businesses are still maintained recklessly and people often subordinate this issue which actually gives me real anxiety. As if we neither cannot hear the audible cries of the earth asking for help nor see the visible impact of climate issues.

In 50 years, I really hope our skies will be coloured in light blue instead of dull grey. And when the sun sets, it would be lovely to switch on the light at home and knowledge that the energy source are 100% generated from renewable energy resources such as biomass energy, solar, hydropower, wind energy instead of the ones generated from coal, oil, and natural gas.

In 50 years, I really hope our Earth will be such a great place for biodiversity to live. Oceans will be free from trash so no plastic straws will harm any sea turtles’ nose anymore [1] and koalas will live peacefully without being afraid by the threat of wildfires [2].

In 50 years, I really hope people will be able to have access to nutritional food and famine will be no more a thing to be worried about. Fruits and vegetables are able to be harvested in every season. Milk and honey will fuel every children stomach. Famine will no more a threatening factor for children’s future [3].

To achieve those hopeful dreams of a better 50-years-from-now-on, we have to exert all energy and sectors to see as well as believe this vision of ours. We have to persuade governments among the nations and states that besides the nation’s security issue, the environmental issue is also a priority. We have to negotiate with private industry sector that besides the profit margin, the use of natural resources must also be considered carefully. We have to socialize to our people that their actions and voice matter so much for the environmental development. Thus, to achieve those hopeful dreams of a better 50-years-from-now-on we have to work together and stop neglecting as well as subordinating the reality of our current situation. Remember, one step at a time, that’s how you start.

I am in for the long run project, are you?